Umlungu ( White person )

Nsizw’eMnyama LandlessNdukude – ” In my knowledge, the word was coined by Shaka of the Zulu empire. He called them abelumbi or umlumbi, which means one who practices witchcraft. This was because they ’emerged’ from the sea which was believed to be haunted by evil spirits and also because of their technology that they boasted and which they used to shower their hosts with (as a sign of superiority obviously). The pronunciation deviation to abelungu or umlungu happened much later when the meaning had been lost.”

Kgomotso KhanyaMotlhale – ” My take is… Mlungu.. Derived from ukuLunga… The actual meaning of the word did not originate with the Europeans but the word was already in full use by then. This word was used to describe or relate to the person who was in “authority”. However, the Germanic Tribes (not to be confused with modern day Germans (English and Dutch) came took the Land and cattle and retained all the power and they emerged as AbeLungu. Because Mlungu / AbeLungu were predomintly white the word or title Mlungu became associate with the Europeans that stole the land… There is another contention that the word Mlungu at some point was used to refer to the devise authority (God) but this was accredited to the European races. So when the black people refer to the Europeans as Mlungu they are basically automatically assuming an inferior position just by the manner of addressing them… My knowledge is not universally correct but should one see fit to discredit or dispute please do so within reasonable limits.”



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