Donti Media Ent
His name is Sphesihle , he is my little brother and  he is born in rural areas, in a poor family. But he is so curious about everything he comes across.  Say may be he sees you reading a book ( he asks you all about it) or you are doing a certain job at that moment he’d ask to join and will also want to find the reasons of you doing that particular job or may be he sees any technology device he’d always ask what it is and whats it for…if you dont tell him hell keep on asking until he gets answered. After he has acquired all that info he needed he starts engaging  with the device and he successfully interacts with it; whats more wonderful is that is that if he doesn’t understand he asks until he comprehends . He loves technology; he is the reason i think the future is gonna be one of the greatest times in our lives. Seemingly kids like these are gonna invent a lot of useful devices and more especially the ones that are gonna be a huge help in medical centres and in criminology departments. 
What a great generation we are grooming and nurturing ❤😍👊

📸: Mongameli Mazongolo


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