Where is humanity ?

The earth is my place, it is the lovely home to my spirit and the skin to my internal quality and additionally have the wonders of the compelling force of nature and to secure my spirit. it is the most stunning delicate shake that mother’s flames and tempests. earth is the maker to the best mountains like Table Mountain, Kilimanjaro and so on and furthermore a quality to the symbols like Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther Ruler and so on. earth is a spirit to the Divine beings and the sky. It resembles the hints of waters in the mountains under the tallest trees. Earth is the humblest and captivating miracle. much the same as the sky and the breezes earth is multilingual, it talks billions of dialects more than some other living beings. Earth Considers, sees and hears. it strolls, hops and moves. earth grins, cries and express every feeling. it talks, snickers and yells. Earth gets pushed, inspired and even hurt. it gets sold out however it excuses and it overlooks. earth resembles a super human, super God and a super power. It is the home to many individuals, creatures and plants, winds stars and waters, trees, valleys and mountains, sounds, machines and sanctuaries, stones, grass and powers, qualities and cries, grins and snickers, satisfaction, pity and stress. it obliges the youthful and the old, the hard of hearing and the visually impaired, the quiet and the Debilitated, the manly and the ladylike, the dark and the white, the thin and the thick, the more excellent and the less lovely, the hungry and the full, the religious and the counter religious, the educated and the uneducated, the wedded and the unmarried, the young ladies and the young men, the ladies and the men, the African, Asian, European and the Russian, the gay and the straight, the glad and the dismal, the chuckling and the crying, the solid and the feeble, poor people and the achieve, the terrible and the great, the slaved and the free, the conceived and the unborn, the astute and the impeded, the develop and the juvenile, the enormous and the little. Earth is a mother, a sister, a father, a sibling, a child and even a Divine being, a human and above all it is a home to our souls.
in any case, each day I get the opportunity to ponder about this ponder, I even get the opportunity to cry and ask myself about the what and the for what good reason. can any anyone explain why we are transforming the magnificence of the earth into a wickedness? why are we transforming reality about the earth into the untruths? above all else for what reason do we place earth into camouflage? it is safe to say that we are regularly going to see the need to not foul up the magnificence that mother earth has brought forth? why is it a hard thing to cheer to and welcome the great things that we get from earth? are you not astounding ? are we not astounding ? how awesome does everything must be? do you ever get enough? I am conversing with you individuals for what reason do you need to influence other individuals to feel terrible? For what reason do you live to drag other individuals down? How can it be that you would prefer not to see a grin into some individual’s face? do you truly need to be desirous about how other individuals are succeeding? is it a hard thing for you to get up work, and sweat as they do? why is it a worry to you that some person is gay or straight? for what reason do you need to avoid other individuals since they are poor? for what reason do you need to judge and segregate since somebody is uneducated? for what reason do you chop down the tree’s and the plants that you are not going to use by the day’s end? for what reason do you kill creatures that you are not going to eat toward the day’s end? at the point when are you going to understand that the nature is imperilled? for what reason does a man must be disregarded on the grounds that they are religious or not? for what reason do you need to murder a Christian , a Muslim , a Shembe, a catholic ? for what reason do you need to detest individuals since they don’t put stock in God ? for what reason do you need to assault ladies and youngsters? for what reason does the administration still from the general population? for what reason does the rich take from poor people or the other way around? my dear individuals open your eyes! Live cheerfully and live in concordance.’ stop it, in light of the fact that the spirit is crying and the heart is dying. the brain is passing on and the tissue is consuming. the skies are yelling and the Divine beings are tearing. the universe is obscuring and the earth is breaking. the downpours are blowing and the airs are showering. I loath living on the planet that is just perceiving the rich and smothering poor people. I would prefer not to live on the planet where training is the key that bolts the entryways for uneducated individuals. I would prefer not to see this unpleasant world any longer! where government is slaughtering individuals and taking from them, where our moms and sisters need to open their legs so as to be fruitful, where creatures and plants are slaughtered to no end and nothing by any stretch of the imagination. where you don’t get open doors in the event that you are not religious, and you wind up lying and imagining. where you don’t survive on the off chance that you are a gay, a lesbian or a cross-sexual, and you wind up imagining and living in lies! where individuals don’t help each other rather they are chuckling at each other. where dreams bite the dust on the grounds that a man is poor, where there is no genuine love any more. I truly would prefer not to live in this world, where young men mislead young ladies and young ladies deceive young men, where moms and fathers, our own one of a kind guardians are conning. where there is a considerable measure of separations and manhandle. The earth was once delightful, given us a chance to clasp hands and be human once more.
I am, Mongameli Mazongolo.
©South Africa, KZN

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